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Parking at the cookout

General Rules.

  • Event parking is free.

  • Parking is open from 2:00pm-11:00p. Cars left overnight will be towed.

  • Pay close attention to where you park.

  • To help preserve the environment and cut down on traffic, we strongly encourage carpooling or the use of Uber or Lyft.

HOTEL Options

Whether you need a neutral meeting place for friends, a place to crash after an epic day, or just want to lounge in the lap of luxury, The Biggest Cookout Ever has lodging options for every attendee.


Traditionally, we have transformed mundane space into celebratory experiences. Partially-disclosed, only the general area will be advertised with the exact, private location sent to attendees. While the location is not disclosed beforehand, travel time to the event space is typically 30-45 minutes from the central point of Washington DC (barring any traffic). Event address and directions will be sent via email to ticket holders the day before and morning of the festival.

We HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend participants make hotel and/or UBER arrangements (see below). 

What to plan for.

The Biggest Cookout Ever intertwines the tradition of an American cookout and aura of an underground event with the large-scale production of a festival. This is an event you don't want to miss. So don’t leave anything to chance. Nail down all the details about where you’re staying, how to get here, and where you’re going to park.

Trip planning

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